At Timbers, our desire is to live lives that reflect the love of Jesus Christ in every part.  This means our jobs, our family, our spare time, our finances and our church community.  There are a number of ways that we strive to build into the lives who call Timbers home.  Check out some of those below and contact us if you are interested in being part or possibly service in one of these areas.

Marriage/Preparation Courses

We have offered the ALPHA MARRIAGE and MARRIAGE PREPARATION courses in the past, and given enough interest, can run it at any time in the winter or fall.  The course is 7 weeks long and includes a meal plus a one-on-one discussion with your spouse/fiance/significant other.  No need to talk in a large group!  Contact us if you are interested.

Men's Tues Night Online Group

Men's group is currently not running.  If you are interested in a men's ministry, please contact our leadership team.

Volunteer Groups

AS a community of believers seeking to reflect the love of Jesus in our world, we are always looking for ways to serve our community to meet the physical needs of the poor, elderly and marginalized.  Have a project?  Let us know!  Need help?  Let us know!  Watch for upcoming projects on this site

Kid's Ministry

We currently do not offer a Kid's Ministry program, but encourage families to have their children in the regular service.  Kids are restless?  No problem!  Kids are noisy?  No problem!  We have been there with our kids and totally want to see them participate in the service!

Midtown Stage

Midtown Stage is a Timbers initiative that brings in travelling musicians for an evening of music and food.  Genres vary from folk to country to jazz to whatever!  Due to COVID-19, this is temporarily on hold, but watch for upcoming events in the months ahead.  

Small Groups

We run a variety of Small Groups through the year, with a variety of topics and group formats.  For more information, contact our leadership team.